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What is the Visual Arts Guild?

The Visual Arts Guild (VAG) is one of several committees within the Center for the Arts (CFA). It is composed of CFA artist members who support and encourage the artist community in the Lake Sunapee region. Members may exhibit their work in solo or group shows at the New London Micro Galleries. The VAG has been been producing the annual CFA Regional Juried Show since its inception in 2012.

How to Apply for a Solo or Group Show at a Micro Gallery

If you're not already a member of the Center for the Arts, you can join now at the Associate Artist level that is half of the lowest fee that other members pay.

If you are a CFA member, just work up a proposal of what your solo or group exhibit would be (for example, a theme or just general work). Then download our Micro Gallery Application. All of the details are on that form. Fill it out and send it to the VAG Committee.

Check out our Info page for some good tips.

Thank you for considering sharing your work with us at a Micro Gallery!

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